Fresh guacamole  salsa  and fried tortilla chips


Chips and Salsa are a staple of Mexican dining. With an order of Bottomless Chips and Salsa customers get to enjoy unlimited amounts of our freshly fried tortilla chips from the Colorado Tortilla Company and three House Salsas: pico de gallo, red medium spice, and green hot!  The house salsas include fresh cilantro, onion, peppers and either tomato or tomatillo.  Order a large side of Chile con Queso, a mild white cheese dip, or Fresh Guacamole too!


Ensalada de carne asada
La Cabaña Mexican Bar and Grill offers many different food combinations. Traditional Mexican-style entrees are highlighted by the grill. Seared carne asada (steak), pollo (chicken), camarones (shrimp), y puerco (pork) are included in specialty platters like the Molcajete, the La Cabaña Platter and all the Fajita-style entrees. Our grill highlights these specialty platters by adding full flavor to the specialty seasoning.  For a spicy meal consider the Camarones a la Diabla (spicy shrimp) or the Molcajete (a lava rock bowl filled with spicy salsa, chicken, steak and pork).

Make your own meal with your favorite choices of Mexican style foods by choosing one, two, or three items in the Combo platters selection. Choose from Burritos, Enchiladas and Tacos to Tamales, Tostadas, and Chile Rellenos.  Rice and beans accompany the Combo platters and most all of the entree dishes. Our rice is cooked in chicken broth with mixed veggies. All of the bean varieties are vegetarian-friendly (vegan upon request). Our tortillas are always fresh, produced locally by the Colorado Tortilla Co. delivered directly from Denver. Enchiladas can be ordered with classic red sauce, green tomatillo, mole, green chili, or queso dip, all of which only have a mild spice. Burritos can be ordered with red salsa, green chili, or chili verde. Chile Rellenos can be cooked Crispy or Soft, the crispy chile relleno is smothered in green chile while the soft chile relleno is smothered in red sauce. Tacos in the Combo platters are either hard shell or soft flour shell. The Authentic Mexican-style tacos are made with grilled soft corn tortillas, your choice of asada, adobada, and/or carnitas, served with cilantro and onion, limes, and chile verde. Fish and Shrimp tacos are also available as separate dishes.